If you noticed the website’s tagline, it says “A Christian Blog (mostly)“. The reason for that is because I hope to write on not just the Christian faith, but also some of my other interests like reading (fantasy books in particular) and football (think Liverpool FC).

A short introduction: my name is Jubin Kurian Varghese and I live in Mumbai. I’m part of a church out here called The Gathering Community Church.

This blog exists because I have a small itch to write. Writing is frustrating but it makes me happy too. While most of what I write is me getting my thoughts written down, somewhere deep down I have this earnest desire to see it benefit you too, and I hope it does.

Why the name Quiricus?

Quiricus is a Syriac Aramaic name from which the name Kuriakose is derived from, from which the name Kurian comes from, which happens to me my middle name. No special reason for it but it’s a pretty cool name for a blog, don’t you think?

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