When You Don’t Feel Like It

“I don’t feel like it”. How many of us have uttered this dreaded, yet common, phrase?

In the face of the various tasks and responsibilities that come our way, this feeling of “not feeling like it” can hinder us from fulfilling whatever we’ve set out to do.

Moreover, this feeling is compounded in a scenario where we’re forced to retreat into our homes, away from our workplaces, friends and family, where our sense of normalcy is snatched away, it’s a scenario we find ourselves in right now.

What got me thinking about this is from something that I read in a fantasy book, by Brandon Sanderson, called Elantris.
The following is an exchange between two characters in the book:
When you accept authority, you must be willing to take responsibility for it at all times – even when you don’t particularly feel like it.”

When you accept authority, you must be willing to take responsibility for it at all times – even when you don’t particularly feel like it

– from Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson

This blew me out of the water for two reasons, first because the book just dropped a huge leadership bomb and second that a huge leadership bomb was dropped in a fantasy book.

It’s true, is it not? If you’ve accepted to do a task, you must see it through irrespective of how you feel. But it’s more than just simply trudging through your responsibilities.

Here’s why:

  • First, there is a matter of honor, just like how no one would appreciate a solider fleeing from the battlefield whilst his comrades face the onslaught of the oncoming enemy, in the same way not fulfilling your task because you don’t feel like it would not be appreciated.

  • Secondly, your were appointed to the task because there is a belief and trust that you are the most capable person to fulfill it, and if you don’t, you hurt the smooth functioning of your group/organisation.

  • Lastly, there are those who look up to you and the way in which you carry out your responsibilities indicate the seriousness and the importance of your tasks. Don’t give the wrong impression, there is much riding on you.

No matter your station in life, whether at home or at work, you always have commitments to honor and responsibilities to fulfill. This might be burdensome at times, and it’s okay to feel that way, but consider it a sweet burden and think of all the burdens you lighten when you carry your weight well enough. 

Author’s Note: This article was first published on LinkedIn.

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